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TIME Albums provides a source of reminiscence therapy (sometimes known as life review therapy) for those with any form of dementia or memory loss. Photographs, video and music are gathered and a filmed interview with the client is arranged. Everything is then collated on to a single, organised media providing a “This Is Your Life” type biography. The album is deigned to be easily viewed by the client and can be used to comfort and reassure during times of stress or confusion and remains a keepsake for family members.

TIME Albums are completely free to anyone diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, memory-loss or a terminal illness.


Quite simply, 'TIME' is an acronym for This Is Me Everlasting and 'Album' means just that; a collection.


TIME Albums started with four individuals, all of whom have experienced relatives who have been diagnosed with some form of dementia, wanting to do something that would help. They are all familiar with the symptoms of this indiscriminate condition that gradually progresses to an inevitable outcome and which leaves family members and friends feeling quite helpless.

It was Julie’s mother, Terry’s wife and Alex’s mother-in-law, Doris who inspired the idea of compiling a collection of memories on to a single media, something that would remind Doris herself, of her fantastic and colourful past and that could also be shared with her family.

TRUSTEES 2018 - 2019

Alexander BhinderAlexander Bhinder is 60 years old. Alex is a director of a media production company, a councillor in the Borough of Dacorum and is involved in several local charities, being the chairman of a local community centre committee. Alex is very used to project management and is a stickler for attention to detail.


Julie Banks is 56 years old. Julie is an administrator and is also a councillor in the Borough of Dacorum. Julie is also involved with several charities and local community groups, being the chairman for example, of a local youth centre committee. She keeps herself up to date on matters of compliancy and legislation, ensuring that policies and statutory documents are properly maintained.

Adam King is 32 years old and is the UK PR manager for a major multi-national consumer electronics manufacturer. Adam’s knowledge and experience in the multimedia industry is complimented by his unique insight into the world of marketing. Adam is also involved in several local charities. Adam and Alex have worked together for over ten years and have seen several quite ambitious projects through to fruition. 

Terry Banks is 81 years old. Terry is retired but has decades of experience as the managing director of a large, national construction company. He is used to dealing with local authorities and suppliers and has a long track record of project management.



There is no lengthy procedure or form to complete. If you have a family member who you feel would benefit from a TIME Album, then please just contact us by telephone, mail, e-mail or via 'Contact Us' page on this web site.

A meeting will be organised to discuss how TIME Albums can specifically help your relative and if it is decided to proceed, we’ll advise you on what material we will need and the details of the video interview.

Any media that is supplied will be returned.


Part of the reality of delivering our albums is that there are costs. Equipment, travelling, premises, software subscriptions, web site design and hosting and a small team of highly talented people for example, are all required for TIME Albums to deliver the very high standard of product we demand. That's why we're looking to raise £90,000 per annum. 

Anyone can help and we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible. TIME Albums regularly launches projects on and it’s easy to sign up. Our web site has a ‘Donate’ button and of course those who wish to support can simply send us donations in the post.


A little data and some statistics can be found here.
WARNING - You may find some of the figures quite disturbing.